Paschal Neighborhood History

The Paschal neighborhood dates back to the early 1900s. According to Virginia Merrill, a longtime Paschal resident, B.W. Hubbard built his house in 1909 on land in the 2800 block of Townsend Drive. Mr. Hubbard supplied water from his well and contacted the gas company to run a gas line into the neighborhood. [About this time, Texas Christian University (TCU) also moved into the neighborhood. (First as a Seminary) The City of Fort Worth gave TCU 50 acres, $200,000.00 and an assurance of utilities and street car service to move from Waco to Fort Worth. (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary also received 50 acres, $200,000.00 to move to Fort Worth and locate their campus on Seminary Hill.)]; As decades passed, Hubbard’s son-in-law, Jake Hayes, opened a store on the same block of Townsend Drive. Ms. Buddy Hubbard married Jake Hayes and they ran Hayes grocery store.

The boy pictured is Douglas Hayes, grandchild of B.W. Hubbard. 







Betty Martin holding her son L.C. Martin, daughter of B.W. Hubbard.






(When L.C. Martin grew up he owned and managed the Ace Westcliff Hardware store for many years. He recently retired.)

As the 1940s were coming to an end there were only a few houses in the neighborhood. There was an abundance of pastureland and several creeks. Servicemen and their families were in need of housing. Housing lots sold for $600 in our neighborhood. Mrs. Merrill and her husband Jim rented a house on Rogers Street close to TCU from a man named Rashti, but he wanted them to move so he could charge more money for rent. Jim and Virginia decided to buy a lot in the Prospect Heights portion of the neighborhood where she lives today. Houses were built on individual lots and they were also brought into the neighborhood.

The 1950s ushered in a time of new growth in the Paschal neighborhood. The mentality of that time was made famous by the TV show “Howdy Doody”. No one locked their doors. Everyone would congregate at their neighbor’s house that had a T.V. Pete the python escaped from the Fort Worth Zoo in 1954 and caused neighborhood kids to hurry home from school. He turned out to be a she after laying eggs and was eventually caught. Those were good times.

1955 was a significant year for the Paschal Neighborhood. The growth of the area made it necessary for new schools to be built and others to be expanded. McLean Middle School was originally located where Paschal High School is today. In 1955, a new building was built for McLean Middle School on Stadium Drive. After a few additional buildings were built, Paschal High School moved in and McLean Middle School left.

Most residents came to the Paschal neighborhood looking for land to build a house. Housing was still in short supply as the nation continued to rebound from World War II. As the 1950s progressed, many neighbors found employment working for General Dynamics or as musicians. Some worked for the railroad and others were artisans.

By the 1960s, most of the houses were built and the neighborhood was fully established. Park Temple Baptist Church (Southside City Church) was flourishing and many of the neighborhood kids were at Paschal High School. Paschal has always been one of the top rated high schools in Texas, so kids graduated and usually went on to college. Many of Fort Worth’s leaders were educated in and around Paschal neighborhood. But, times changed.

Through the 1970s, 80s, and 90s many of the children moved out. Some of the original residents have stayed. However, in recent years, many of the old neighborhood children are coming back.

Today, Paschal Neighborhood has a spirit of revitalization and optimism that has not been seen since Paschal neighborhood’s beginnings. New neighbors are moving into the neighborhood weekly! Paschal neighbors are embracing the change and getting to know our new neighbors!