Welcome Paschal Neighbors!

I am finally getting around to updating the Paschal Neighborhood Association Website!  We are using WordPress as our Website Builder. I welcome any suggestions from the techies in the neighborhood.  The Web Elements we are starting off with are:

A two column website with links on the left and posts on the right.

Additionally, we will have a search engine, blog post for getting out information, a calendar for upcoming events, and a link to a neighborhood specific website.

I encourage all neighbors to sign up at NextDoor.com. We will try to post information about upcoming events or issues on www.paschal.biz, but what we miss may be posted at NextDoor.com

NextDoor.com will have an interactive, social network feel to it and will be focused on the residents and concerns located within our neighborhood boundaries. This website is a public service and education website.  I hope Paschal Neighborhood Association will have a presence as an active Group within the site.  It is free for all residents in the neighborhood.

Welcome to our new website -neighbors! & Welcome to our many new neighbors!

James Hawks

President of the Paschal Neighborhood Association