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Paschal Neighborhood Association's Next Meeting is

Saturday July 30, 2016

We will meet at 10:30 AM

At Southside City Church

Formerly known as

Park Temple Baptist Church

2100 W. Lowden St. Fort Worth, TX 76110









    Neighbors, Please keep an eye out for people who do not seem to belong in the neighborhood.  There has been a few thefts of opportunity.

If you leave your garage unattended or leave the house for a few minutes, people have been walking up to houses and taking things.  If you know where this woman lives or you see this woman, please call Robert McClellan our NPO and report her.  Robert's email and phone are to the left under useful numbers.

If you see anyone carting anything down the street with a neighbors trash can, call the police and report them.



Woman Taking Can To Cart Something Probably Stolen 





April Letter to Neighbors




      Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines Encroach as:

Full Definition of encroach

Intransitive Verb

  1.  :  to enter by gradual steps or by stealth into the possessions or rights of another

  2. :  to advance beyond the usual or proper limits <the gradually encroaching sea>

     Developers continue to buy property and build rental property even though there are housing shortages in DFW and the properties they are building could be sold to families.


         We are seeing encroachment in Paschal Neighborhood.  We are a family neighborhood being gradually changed to a rental 

 neighborhood; mostly TCU students.


      The city's efforts to slow down this phenomena with zoning restrictions has only reduced the prices these developers are having to pay for our properties.  One by one our neighbors are leaving and, it seems, one day we will be surrounded by rental properties that could be sold to families, but that will not be sold to families due to developer strategies that do not favor selling to families.


     This is the trend we are seeing. 


     Next meeting, we will begin to talk about zoning and what it has done for us and what it has not. 


See you at our next meeting,  April 30th,



James Hawks

Paschal Neighborhood Association President







January Letter to Neighbors


      We have a lot of work to do and the association is looking for volunteers to help the neighborhood transition into a new era.  The Paschal Neighborhood is one of the best placed neighborhoods, as well as economically valued, in the TCU area.  With access to the best schools and in biking/walking distance from many of the best locations for recreation, education, and dining, there is no reason why we should not have young couples and families moving into the neighborhood.  Some may families may have to pay an inflated price for an older house, however we think they will more than recoup the cost in ease of access to the best schools and venues in Fort Worth.


      We want to ask all neighbors to reconsider accepting offers of $80,000 or even $150,000.  It is very difficult to replace your house for that price and almost impossible to relocate in an area with neighbors like ours!  Developers want you to sell cheap so they can rent your property for a profit.  It might be better for our neighbors to rent their property and let their property pay for their next house. 


     Nominal 2 bedroom houses are averaging $ 1,500.00 a month for rent in our area.  Several houses in our area sold for approximately $150,000.00 just to be converted in TCU student housing.  An older, three bedroom might get $ 700.00 a bedroom per month.


    All that to say, please do not give away your property.  At the very least, keep it and rent it yourself.  You may want to move back or give it to the kids. We have seen many long time owners moving back into their rental property in our neighborhood and we have seen several families move into our association.  We hope to see you at our next meeting.  Come and volunteer for something.


James Hawks

President PNA






Have you seen these trucks?


Maroon TruckWhite Truck



A maroon truck licenced GVW 5983 and white truck GVZ 1716.


These two trucks were seen vandalizing several properties.  Please call the Paschal Neighborhood Association with any information or call officer Steve Howze at 817-355-4222 or Officer Keith at 817-944-1038. 


It is time for Cowtown Cleanup Again.  Come to the January meeting to help plan!

Cowtown Commercial


Last Years Cowtown Cleanup Results for 2015

Paschal NA came in Second Place! 2nd Place


The Neighborhood Association with the Largest Particpation!

Great Job Neighbors!

Some of Last Years Participants  Click on thumbnail to enlarge pictures

Paschal NA Group 1 2015PNA Returning Group 2015



I want to thank Ralph Hawks for heading the Cowtown Cleanup Committee!  Good Job


City of Fort Worth Storm Water Management

Feasible Options Study - Project Summary Update



                    UPDATED NOV 2011

The consultant team and the city have concluded that a combination of measures are to be taken to lesson the effects of flooding.  Some of the measures will include transit oriented development, building retaining ponds, underground storage of water, and others.  


What is a Watershed?


A watershed is the area of land that catches rain and snow and drains into a creek, river or lake.


Homes, businesses, roads, parks, schools and more can make up a watershed. Watersheds come in all shapes and sizes. Some are millions of square miles while others are just a few acres.


All Fort Worth residents live in a watershed. In fact, Fort Worth has over 700 watersheds. These watersheds flow downstream into a Fort Worth creek, stream or lake, eventually ending up in the Trinity River.



The Forest Park/Berry Drainage Committee has been working on practical solutions for flooding in our area.  Area stake-holders who have been meeting with the City of Fort Worth Planning and Development Dpt. are TCU, Berry Street Initiative, Neighborhood Associations, The-T, and concerned residents.  Solutions to flooding problems combine several different ideas￿ flood water retaining ponds, green space, land acquisition, and others.  The planning and development department has brought TOD (Transit Oriented Development) into the realm of solutions.  Developers would be required to follow form-based code specifically planned for the development of the area around the train station.



                     UPDATED OCT 2010

The City of Fort Worth Storm Water Division is continuing its study of Feasible Options to address chronic flooding in the Central Arlington Heights and the Forest Park/Berry areas. The initial public meeting regarding this study was held on September 22, 2010. At this meeting the purpose and scope of the study was explained. A consultant team led by Michael Baker Jr. Inc. has been engaged to assist the city, and a community stakeholder committee has been established to assist the team in understanding the perspective of the affected communities as we work together through the challenges. A main theme introduced in the public meeting is that for a solution to be feasible, it must be effective, affordable, and acceptable to the community ￿ and the goal of the City is to identify a solution that meets these criteria. The goal of this process is to determine an agreed upon solution and begin design in Spring of 2011.


Storm Water Management is important to all of us.  Come to our next meeting in January to find out more about storm water management in our area.





Sanitary Sewer Main Rehabilitation 

Update November 2011

The project is complete.

Update January 2011


Robert Sauceda, project manager of the Sanitary Sewer Main Rehabilitation in our neighborhood, gave us an update and said, ￿The contractor (working on this project) will work until the last week of January to accommodate the super bowl activities around the TCU campus.  Then return after the super bowl to finish the project on Berry St.

There should be no road closures, however, to safeguard the publics safety, traffic flow will be reduced to one way only at all construction areas with the use of barricades and traffic cones.

Contact the Project Manager Robert Sauceda at 817.392.2387 for more details.




Paschal Neighborhood will have more repairs done to its infrastructure beginning in October.


Sanitary Sewer Main Rehabilitation

Lowden Street (From Wayside Avenue to Gordon Avenue)

Gordon Avenue (From Lowden Street to West Berry Street)

West Berry Street (From Gordon Avenue to Wayside Avenue)

Townsend Drive (From West Berry Street to Bowie Street) 


Paschal Neighborhood has been experiencing a lot of needed construction.￿ There has been a Sanitary Sewer Main Rehabilitation project scheduled to begin in October. This project is focused on replacing the existing 6-inch sanitary sewer line in the mentioned area above with a 8-inch line.

Residents in the area should not see any interruption in servThe project is expected to start in mid October and to be completed in approximately 180 days (six months), weather permitting.

There should be no road closures, however, to safeguard the publics safety, traffic flow will be reduced to one way only at all construction areas with the use of barricades and traffic cones.

Contact the Project Manager Robert Sauceda at 817.392.2387 for more details. 





November 2011 - The Cantey St. Sidewalk Update for Phase 2 


Follow this link for more information


     As most neighbors remember a sidewalk was paid for in 2009 to be built on both sides of Cantey through our neighborhood.  The city divided the work into two phases.  Phase one was completed around July 2010.  Here is a report from Riad Nusrallah:



￿Good morning Mr. Hawkes,


The completion of sidewalk on W Cantey St, will be under the upcoming contract that went out for bid yesterday, the bid opining is scheduled for October 20, 2011 and will take another 4 to 6 weeks to execute the contract, therefore the Contractor maybe able to start the work on W Cantey St by December 2011 January 2012.


Riad Nusrallah, P.E.

Program manager

(817) 392-2729￿


     We look forward to the completion of the work on the sidewalk in our neighborhood.  Look for more updates and hopefully construction signs in the future!



Sidewalks are here!  

Phase 1 is complete! 

It looks like a patchwork now but when Phase 2 begins and is complete it will be one contiguous sidewalk through our neighborhood.


January 2011

Forest Park has been resurfaced!

It is nice to be able to drive on Forest Park an it not feel like a ride on the Texas Giant!



October 2010

Forest Park's Infrastructure is being repaired!

City crews have begun to update water.  

Could that mean resurfacing for Forest Park along Paschal NA's western boundary? 



BIKE FORT WORTH    (see the link below)



Update on the Paschal Sidewalks for Paschal    July 2010

Phase 1 complete.

The sidewalks are not complete and it would be difficult to navigate in a wheelchair but when Phase 2 begins there will be a completed sidewalk on both sides of the street and it will be safe for wheelchair use.




Update on the Paschal Sidewalks for Paschal    April 2010


The City has started working on sidewalks and according to the City website link 


    we will have a sidewalk from Forest Park to Stanley built on Cantey through our neighborhood.  If you add up the numbers .14, .14, .13, .14, .14, .13 it equals .82 linear miles.  That is about 4329 feet.  The distance on a map from one end to the other is 1400 feet.  Since the city is building sidewalks on both sides that equals 2800 feet.  There is more than enough in the estimate to have sidewalks on both sides of the street.  There would be about 1529 feet of sidewalk material left over to take care of a curb or two.

A mile is about 85,000 dollars.  .82 of a mile is about 69,700 dollars.  2800 feet would be about 45,000 dollars.  1529 feet of sidewalk material are left over - Which is about 24,600 dollars available to put toward a curb or two.


Link to the CDBG-R Grant information:

City of Fort Worth
Housing and Economic Development Department

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG-R)
U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

Funds provide for infrastructure in low to moderate income areas.
Download Substantial Amendment Materials and Activity Data.




New Sidewalks for Paschal ?  January 2010


      Paschal NA has been promised a new sidewalk along Cantey.  As most neighbors know Cantey is now a heavily traveled cut-through  in our neighborhood.  A few years ago the city extended Cantey across the railroad tracks to 8th Ave.  Since then we have seen a huge increase in traffic on Cantey through our neighborhood.  Cantey was not built for this increase in traffic.  The city did not consult our neighborhood when it extended the road and opened up our once - secluded, secure, and safe neighborhood to the increased  traffic.  But, it is hoped that the least the city can do is re-engineer and repair Cantey so it can handle the increased traffic.  Further, it is hoped that the city will continue to make our neighborhood more bike and pedestrian friendly as our neighborhood will be one of the closest neighborhoods to the new train station at Berry and McCart.

City web page link -

Approved sidewalk construction the City applied for - see this pdf taken from the web site below - click here.









Texans National Night Out 

(Formally known as Neighborhood Night Out)

Paschal Neighborhood Association participated in another successful National Night Out event.  This year young people from the neighborhood led the event. Rosalia Leon, Elizabeth Leon, and Maxx Madaid led the grown-ups and youth as we all celebrated community and heightened our awareness for crime prevention.

Rosalia, Elizabeth, and Maxx, who are also Paschal High School students and leaders, gathered our little neighbors and organized a blindfolded Pi￿ game.  Also they hosted pizza for all of our neighbors.

Neighbors came out and we discussed crime prevention and our neighborhood in an informal way.  Councilman Joel Burns and his assistant Kristi Wiseman came by and visited with us all.  Our neighborhood officer, Mark Russell, also came by and visited with us.

We want to thank our young Paschal Neighbors for a wonderful time!




Texans National Night Out 


National Night Out is designed to:

Heighten awareness of crime prevention

Generate support for, and participation in local anti crime efforts

Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police/community partnerships

Send a message to criminals letting them know neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.








UPDATE: Paschal Rezoning

  Paschal Neighbors Support Zoning Change and Council Agrees 

That is the Fort Worth Way   

     Paschal Neighbors wanted the zoning change and went to the City Council Meeting on August 5th and showed their support!  Most neighbors stayed past 11:00 PM and witnessed the end of a hard fought battle with developers and their lawyers.  Paschal Neighbors were able to realize a zoning change from B-2 to A-5 Single Family.  

    We want to thank all those neighbors, city consultants, and the opposition for being so engaged with the issue and helping to inform everyone.  

     Paschal Neighbors welcome development and invite developers to come to our Association Meetings.  Paschal Neighbors are very interested in staying a community where most neighbors know each other and can raise a family in a great location with great schools.


Watch the Paschal Neighborhood Association Presentation 

August 5th City Council Meeting





GAS LEASE UPDATE as of January 2009



     As of July 26th, 2008

     We want to thank Chesapeake for their donation to the Paschal Neighborhood Association at our July Meeting.  

     Paschal Neighbors thanked Kevin Strawser, Chesapeake's representative, who presented the donation to the Paschal NA at our last regular meeting.

      As of September 9th, 2008

     Paschal Neighborhood Association Leaders have not asked neighbors their point of view on the issue of the 8th Ave drill site.  In anticipation of Chesapeake asking Paschal Neighbors for their support for the 8th Ave drill site, we look forward to exploring this issue at our October Neighborhood Association Meeting.  As of September 9th, 2008 neighbors have not discussed the issue.

      As of September 12, 2008

Update: As of September 12, 2008, Chesapeake, who has had meetings with all of the surrounding neighborhoods, has asked to have a meeting with Paschal Neighbors before the October 7th, meeting with the Fort Worth Council.  Paschal Neighborhood Association is working out the details with Chesapeake to call a Special Meeting to accommodate Chesapeake and help facilitate discussion between Paschal Neighbors, Chesapeake, and the opposing view.  

      As of September 15, 2008

     Update: As of September 15, 2008, Paschal Neighborhood Association will call a neighborhood meeting and will hand deliver notices to homeowners living in the neighborhood.  Because the meeting is a special meeting we will be holding the meeting at another location.  If you are a Paschal Neighborhood Resident or Absentee Owner please call for more information.

     As of September 23, 2008

     Update: As of September 23, 2008, Paschal Neighborhood Association called a Special Meeting at Mexican Inn to accommodate Chesapeake.  Chesapeake wanted to discuss the 8th Ave High Impact well site permit and proposed 8th Ave well site.  They wanted to know if Paschal Neighbors supported the High Impact Well Permit at the 8th Ave well site.  Discussion was limited to a debate between Chesapeake and Neighborhood Leaders from Berkeley Place and Ryan Place Improvement Association.  After the debate a vote was taken.  Paschal Neighbors voted "No" on the question of supporting the High Impact Well Site on 8th Ave.  Further, Paschal Neighbors passed a resolution that asks the Fort Worth & Western Railroad to cover graffiti, landscape, take care in offloading materials onsite, and consider neighbors when blocking streets.

         As of October 7, 2008  

      Update: As of October 7, 2008, Paschal Neighborhood Association Leaders will report the results of the called special meeting held September 23rd to the Fort Worth City Council.  

        As of October 8, 2008

      Watch  the Council Meeting to see this update-  Paschal Neighborhood vote results.


     As of January 2009

     Chesapeake is developing a master plan to present to the Fort Worth City Council.  They are working with different parties who are involved - including neighborhood associations.  They believe that they can resolve some issues concerning drilling in our urban area by putting together a plan that would develop a large area; including TCU.  The master plan would direct potential problems away from the neighborhoods (drilling, trucks, noise, etc).


As of October 2009

    The master plan is in affect for most of the TCU area.  Paschal Neighborhood is does not have a well-site yet.  Many of Paschal area leases will begin to expire in 2010.  If you have a choice, please consider not signing a new lease until a well-site is identified.  Before you sign anything get legal assistance and if you would like to talk about this please contact someone in the Paschal NA leadership.


GAS LEASE INFORMATION as of 11-12-2007


Paschal Neighbors As A Whole Have Made A Decision

And Paschal Leaders Concur.


Paschal Neighbors chose to sign the "Paschal Lease" with Four Sevens.

Paschal Neighbors met at Mexican Inn and signed more than 80 leases (95 to date, 11/12/2007).

A majority of Paschal Neighbors have signed with Four Sevens and are anticipating Chesapeake's drilling a gas well in the future.


Follow the link to the Gas Lease Page

 and other Information.



Train Update as of July 2010

The T has purchased land to build a bus transfer station.

Neighbors on W. Berry Street are seeing the beginning stages of the demolition of homes recently purchased by The T near Berry Street, and the land being cleared, for the proposed bus transfer station. 


The Bus Transfer Location will be located next to the train station and will be associated with the train stations operation.



Train Update as of April 2009

     The T and its rail project's consultant team led by URS Corporation has been suggesting the possibilities for Transit Oriented Development at and around the proposed train stations that have been designated along the proposed commuter rail line.


Train Update as of January 2009

      The T and its rail project's consultant team led by URS Corporation has produced several documents to help the public with the progress that they have made toward their goal of providing regional commuter train transportation.  If you are interested in how this will affect our neighborhood please following the links below.

1. Information concerning taking of property at TCU Station.

2.  Information about the TCU Station.

3.  Economic Analysis TCU - Berry Area

4.  Concept Plan TCU - Berry Station

5.  TOD Session TCU Berry Summary

6.  Timeline of Completion

7.  Joint CRC - TAC Meeting Summary.

8.  Location of paper copies of this information.


   The Draft Environmental Impact Statement will also be available online at :



The Train is Coming!

The - T has chosen Site - B 

which is where present day 

Kentucky Fried Chicken and ChopStix Express are located.


Follow the link below to find out more!









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