The Paschal Neighborhood is Looking for Volunteers

Paschal Neighborhood Association’s next regular meeting will be held January 27, 2017.   We will meet at Southside City Church on that Saturday from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM.  Paschal Neighbors, we hope to see you there!

Time to Elect New Officers

It is that time again.

It is time to elect new officers.  Every year we elect new officers in October to begin the new year in January.  This year we have seen many new neighbors move into the neighborhood.  We look forward to seeing our new neighbors start to participate and discover what a wonderful neighborhood they have moved into!

We hope to see everyone at our next meeting – Saturday October 28, 2017, at Southside City Church, 2200 W. Lowden, Fort Worth, Texas, 76110. (Across from Paschal Baseball Field.)





Relocation of Sewer Lines & Storm Drainage – Forest Park

City Council Public Hearing – Relocation of Sewer Lines & Storm Drainage -Forest Park


This is a courtesy notice concerning proposed changes to sewer & storm drainage downstream of our neighborhood. Please take a look at this, especially if you have an expertise in this area. Paschal is blessed to be on a high spot in the TCU area. However, changes to drainage are always important. Berkley Apts were built on a creek that splits the property diagonally. There is a substantial drainage system under it; probably feeding into the storm drainage system being considered. For more information, see the link Courtsey Notice below. Feel free to call anyone you would like to and report back to

See NextDoor for Courtesy Notice


Welcome Paschal Neighbors!

I am finally getting around to updating the Paschal Neighborhood Association Website!  We are using WordPress as our Website Builder. I welcome any suggestions from the techies in the neighborhood.  The Web Elements we are starting off with are:

A two column website with links on the left and posts on the right.

Additionally, we will have a search engine, blog post for getting out information, a calendar for upcoming events, and a link to a neighborhood specific website.

I encourage all neighbors to sign up at We will try to post information about upcoming events or issues on, but what we miss may be posted at